What does Cheese Tracker do?

Cheese Tracker is a web based application that stores all of your make details and measurements, batch data, ingredients stocking, corrective actions, grading, and reports.

Do I need special equipment?

All you need is a computer, tablet or phone that will connect to the internet and away you go!

Can I change my makesheet parameters once its set up?

Yes you can. All aspects of the Cheese Tracker are tailorable to your needs. Once you have set up your make sheet and reports you have control so that if you decide that you would like to monitor something different, the Cheese Tracker allows you to adapt your setup when you wish.

Can cheese tracker track more than one type of cheese?

If you have the pro or the ultra Package then you can have different make sheets for the different cheese that you make.

Will it manage my ingredients?

Cheese tracker will manage your ingredients, from batch code management, to remaining stock levels.

Is it real time?

Yes it is. As you make your cheese you can view all the information as it happens. If you are away from the dairy but you still need an idea on what is happening, then you can view it on your phone or computer whereever you are in the world

How safe is it?

We back up all data every 24 hours

Can I export my make sheet data?

Yes you can save the makesheet as a PDF file for your records.

Does it help with audits?

Yes, audits become a breeze, as you'll have all your make data at your fingertips.

How many users can I have?

It depends on the plan that you purchase. One user with the fist teir and going up to unlimited on the ultra plan.